The Conscious Kitchen


We build luxury kitchens that help you become healthy & youthful



At Magppie, we believe that a kitchen plays the most vital role when it comes to your families’ health; and when built right, could be the difference between good and poor health. This makes designing kitchens a big social responsibility for us. We brainstorm every day to solve the health problems of India—be it contaminated water, food or air—through innovations in our kitchens. Our wellness kitchen helps you get healthier and more youthful  through eating the right food, cooking in a healthy environment and getting the right knowledge to transform your health. Through good health we endeavour to build a more conscious civilization.


Our cabinets our built with globally-patented, moisture resistant materials that drastically reduce the chances of germs to accumulate in your kitchen. Our cabinets are also designed be cleaned easily making it the safest kitchen to cook in.




Kitchen air is laden with smoke, toxins and indoor pollutants. We coat our kitchen with a special eco-friendly technology that kills most toxic indoor pollutants making the 10 times cleaner and more breathable. ECHA (EU) approved.



Our kitchen come with an organic food subscription that provides you authentic and pure food right from the farm. Being part of our wellness and our non-profit initiative, it is available to you at the same cost as non-organic food available in the market.



Food is not enough, you’ll need to know what and how to cook so we’ll give you the right recipes to kick-start your health journey. Our acclaimed nutritionist and health chefs have created recipes that are meant to make you healthy and useful.



Our appliances help keep the nutrition in the food intact without compromising on taste. Our dehydrator, a great replacement to junk food and preserved snacks, helps to evenly dry vegetables and fruits making it a great treat for the mouth while keeping it healthy.



There is no better way to take in oxygen than to breathe under a tree. We bring you scientifically researched, indoor trees that are rich in oxygen that help you breathe only pure and fresh. 



Water constitutes 80 percent of our body. Our kitchens come with an advanced alkaline water system that replaces the unhealthy ROs that is known to rob water of its necessary nutrition and is strongly recommended for your body. 


Indian kitchens are wet, making it very tedious to clean and maintain. Our intelligent design and advanced materials allow cabinets to be hung on the wall, maintaining an optimum gap between the floor and the cabinets. Keep your kitchen sparkling kitchen with a Magppie kitchen.



When you buy a Magppie kitchen, you become a member of a privileged membership that gives you access to health education that has helped cure thousands of Indian families through food. Join us for our health workshops that will truly make a difference to your health.